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If your garage door is not opening and closing as easily as it should, you may need to think about having the springs repaired or replaced. Springs help lift and lower the door by working with the counter weights to make the door feel lighter. Without them, a person would have to be able to move the entire weight of the metal door in order to roll it along the tracks. If your looking for garage door spring repair Oshawa service we have a location near you.

If you have a small, residential property in Oshawa, Ontario Canada you may not have much of a problem doing this but for business owners who may be using very large garages, this weight is often too much for one person to handle.

The springs are located in two separate locations. Torsion springs are usually positioned on each side of the steel shaft that is located over the door. Extension springs are placed so that they run parallel to the horizontal track system that every garage door has. Both sets of springs need to work properly for the door to open and close smoothly and effortlessly.

While a home or business owner may be tempted to try and fix a broken or uncoiled spring themselves this is usually not a good idea. They may lack the specific tools needed to fix a problem and they may be injured while trying to carry out the repairs. This is because both types of springs are under immense pressure and may let go if they are not handled in the proper way.

Because of this fact, it is important for you to call a repair company that has the skill and experience to replace or repair door springs safely. Oshawa Garage Door Repair can come to your home or business at any time and look at your door. They will diagnose the problem and provide you with an estimate for the cost of repairs. You get your door back in working condition with no hassles and no danger to yourself. Make sure to contact our experts for garage door spring repair Oshawa today using the contact form below.



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